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    • Any user with a minimum of experience in editing programs can create a portfolio;
    • Any new portfolio will have in the title, the tag of the category '[Portfolio]' Nickname';
    • RIP is strictly forbidden and is punished with a 30-day ban [RIP = appropriating another user's creations];
    • Only the Leader of the Design category is allowed to request .psd works that are suspicious of rip;
    • For new creations, post at least 2-3 creations to avoid post-hunt;
    • It is strictly forbidden to post works with a racist connotation, pornographic and / or offensive character;
    • Posts like 'GJ', 'Beautiful', 'Like' etc. are strictly forbidden, develop the idea if you want to give feedback to the creator;
    • It is strictly forbidden to request works in portfolios, use the 'Work Requests' section;
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