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  1. For several days now, players of Among Us have been regularly encountering a hack that fills lobbies with bots who spam the same message repeatedly, despawns everything leaving players in a black room, and finally disconnects them from the game. The messages have had various versions of similar text, typically telling players to subscribe to the hacker's YouTube channel "or else we will kill your device", followed by a link to either their Discord or Twitter, signing off "Trump 2020". Reminder!! Please play private games or with people that you trust!!! We're doing what we can!!October 23
  2. Third-person shooter G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout released on Switch, Xbox, and PS4 this month, but there was no sign of a PC version and no mention of one in the trailers. Developer GameMill Entertainment has clarified on Twitter that a PC version is being developed, though they say, "We don't have a release date". PC version is not out quite yet. We don't have a release date quote yet, but it is in development.October 21, 2020 With cartoon visuals and voices, plus the option to play fan-favorite characters like Roadblock, the Baroness, Destro, and Snake-Eyes, Operation Blackout see
  3. After biding their time, the Brotherhood Of Steel is finally ready to make their presence known in multiplayer wasteland Fallout 76. Announced earlier today, the fan-favourite techno-zealots are set to trample their way through West Virginia in the Steel Dawn update later this year. Today's tease takes the form of an in-fiction recruitment ad, urging the denizens of Appalachia to stop firing nukes at each other for a second and sign up to join the power-armour party. Despite having their metal faces plastered over half the franchise, the Brotherhood Of Steel was noticeably absent fr
  4. October 2020 brought a lighter-than-usual crop of patches. For the first time in recent memory, there were none at all for Internet Explorer or the (Chromium-based) Edge browser. The cumulative updates went in with few reports of problems, although there were many complaints about printers not working after the update. Strange things happened, though, outside the usual monthly patching schedule. The day after Patch Tuesday, Microsoft announced a(nother) fix for a security hole in the HEVC codec — CVE-2020-17022 — distributed, once again, only through the Microsoft Store. [ Related: M
  5. Microsoft has been rolling out useful updates for its Apple-facing Office 365 apps, and has introduced a slew of software updates for Teams, Microsoft Remote Desktop and Yammer that should be of use to iPad or iPhone productivity workers. What is Microsoft introducing? Microsoft shipped an important update to Outlook for Mac in mid-October. This introduced a far more Big Sur-like user interface and valuable features, including a message-snooze function. This followed the company’s appearance at the enterprise-focused JNUC event, where Microsoft’s Corporate vice president for ent
  6. For companies based in the UK, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the related recession and a Brexit negotiation that is likely to end without a deal have made this a tough year for business. And not surprisingly, all of those factors are affecting hiring and retaining workers, according to specialist recruiter Robert Half. The company's research indicates that more than 86% of UK businesses fear losing top talent as a result of the pandemic, with a third of organisations worrying that necessary salary reductions will lead to an exodus of employees. In fact, more than half of the CIOs s
  7. The NHS Covid-19 app has been updated to fix an issue with confusing alerts that pop up suggesting exposure to the virus and then disappear. Users have complained that the notifications are scary and confusing. In fact, the messages are a default privacy notification from either Apple or Google, which provide the underlying contact-tracing technology. The alerts will still appear, but now a follow-up message from the government will tell people to ignore them. NHS Covid-19 is targeted at users living in England and Wales. Among other functions, the software is designed
  8. A rocket built by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' space company has tested technology designed to return humans to the Moon in 2024. The New Shepard booster, developed by Blue Origin, can land vertically on the ground after returning from space. The rocket was carrying sensors, a computer and software designed to help space vehicles perform precision landings on other planetary bodies. Nasa wants to try the technology on Earth before it's sent to the Moon. Tuesday's test launch was the seventh for Blue Origin's New Shepard vehicle, which is designed to carry space tourists on sh
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